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Building a coffee table

My first woodworking project was building a coffee table for the living room. I decided to go with this http://www.instructables.com/id/Mid-Century-Coffee-Table/

Ideally I would've used walnut wood. I wanted that color, but thought I should start with a cheaper wood since I might ruin the whole thing. I still wanted hardwood. I probably should've gone with Oak, but I went with birch for some reason. (I think the reason is the grain, though staining it was a pain!!)

Cut all the pieces to size

Glue them (this picture is actually after I cut the box joints, but I don't have a photo for the gluing part)

Now cut all the box joints

And glue the whole thing together

Now time to look at the legs

put the whole thing together and stain it to a different color

It all seems so simple when it is in a series of pictures like this, but this took me forever to actually finish. And my precision is pretty bad as well, so most the box joints took a lot of work to actually fit together. Also the finish part took me way longer than it should've and it's not that good. Not to mention that the thing weighs a ton! But I feel that I learned a lot from the process.