Movie Review: The Killing of a Sacred Deer


This is a terrible movie. It takes a seemingly simple setup, and shrouds it in meaningless mystery that once revealed left me feeling completely underwhelming.

The setup is that of a cardiologist who killed a patient of his after operating on his heart while have had a couple of drinks before hand. The doctor is unwilling to admit his fault, while at the same time spending time with the patient's son to make himself feel better about it.

The movie takes that simple unoriginal setup and shrouds it in a lot of needless symbolism just for the sake of symbolism that delivers nothing to the movie other than that of movie makers to stroke their egos of how clever they can be. A running symbolism is that of how beautiful and clean the surgeon hands are. Look at how bizarre his sexual fetish is, which may signify some history of actually doing that to patients. Look how he denies even the possibility that he could be responsible for killing someone. Look at that kid who appears to be suffering from some mental disability but is actually a supernatural being.

The only well done part of the movie was the soundtrack. The sound track keeps you involved throughout the movie hoping for a thought provoking twist that will make all the odd personalities make sense, but it never does. Once the kid explains the setup the rest of the movie is very predictable and pointless.

The dialogue is simply the worst part of this movie. There is little to no dialogue in the movie. Which to me is an easy way for an incompetent script to hide itself as a really deep one, while in fact containing nothing of value. Characters all interact like robots with one another, possible another pointless symbolism that tries, and fails to be clever or original.

0/5 don't even bother.